Nancy Erikson

Hi. My name is Nancy Erikson.

I am a high-performance coach for manifestation and mental fitness. I help amazing humans who may be faltering in their lives in ways they may not understand – to rise up again – as never before, to positively impact our world in their own unique way.

A little background:

I grew up as a child in San Diego and then moved to San Francisco/Oakland where I lived and worked for forty years, first in the restaurant business is SF and then for twenty five years in the Silicon Valley technology sector.

My start in life was “over the top” intense for any child to have to navigate. While I was physically safe, I was psychologically annihilated. But I did survive and in fact thrived in many ways. As a result, I have spent my entire life recovering from that chapter, seeking answers on how to heal my mind and body, and overall to be a higher functioning person in the world. With every profound shift I experienced, I was also better able to understand the journey of another’s life experience. This helped me to be a more compassionate leader/coach throughout my entire career.

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A Personal Breakthrough

Despite of all my progress, I still had one more huge lesson to learn, which of course came with another intense passage that happened in my mid-fifties. It was during this incredibly bleak time that I experienced an unprecedented epiphany. I suddenly gained clarity on the root cause of what takes us down as human beings, which also made the path to recovery abundantly clear to me.

For the subsequent five years, I put these ideas into action within my own life. In the first month, my mental health skyrocketed. In the subsequent period, I accomplished more for myself personally, than I had in the prior twenty years, including things that I thought were impossible. Additionally, I’ve had the privilege of assisting numerous clients during this period, witnessing unexpected and marvelous transformations in their lives.